Artist Statement

Art, like life, is in perpetual motion. My clay spins on the wheel, forms a shape and claims its place in the world. As I evolve, so does my art.

An excellent value taught to me by my father was hard work.  He loved to work with his hands artistically and invent things.  In a way I am much like him, I work hard at what I love, and love working hard.

KimmBerly Ioane Studios

I enjoy demonstrating the ancient Japanese Raku pottery method.  In basic terms, it involves firing a piece to its molten state of roughly 1800°F.  The piece is then placed into a hole or barrel full of leaves, sawdust or paper and allowed to burn for a few seconds before being covered.  As the fire is asphyxiated, the trapped smoke draws into the glaze and clay forming the unique black clay body, spectacular colors, and the beautiful surfaces of Raku.

KimmBerly Ioane Studios

My Raku pottery is bold with a strong sense of design, color, and passion. The shapes I create range from large upright vessels, to wide-mouthed vases, to mixed-media wall pieces, and free­form sculptures. I contrast bright colors with deep bronzes and light white crackle glazes. Multiple processes of drawing, painting, stamping, hand-throwing, slab making, and firing are incorporated to produce the result.  My guiding idea for each piece starts with a robust structural clay body, a form that can stand on its own.  At this point I already have the finished design in mind, however, I make changes as they come to me.  Each piece is shaped to create an original personality and depth.

Kimmberly Ioane Studios

My signature theme includes female faces, and “no” they are not smiling.  They are serious, sometimes fierce looking, sometimes sad, and sometimes in angst or deep in thought; in other words, mirror images of real women staring back at me as I work.  My hope is they tap into a reciprocal emotion deep within a person as they gaze upon it.

I am inspired to create art with a message and have included that message in my design.  Characteristically it is a reminder to take care of oneself, encourage the freedom to love, be loved, and take pleasure in life with all of earth’s creatures.  Simply said, that’s me!

KimmBerly Ioane Studios

Clients have shared with me that my Raku becomes the focal point in any room they choose for display.  Many of them acquire multiple pieces as time goes on.  It pleases me to know that my art is being prominently displayed in someone’s home.  I am always delighted when they return to witness the nuances or changes in my themes and designs.  Each time a piece is purchased, then carefully wrapped, and goes out the door, the essence of me which formed that piece goes with it.

KimmBerly Ioane Studios is located at the western base of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona.  This area creates an open-air atmosphere that easily connects me to Mother Earth, or “mother to all clay”.